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Monday, 22 September 2014

3D Christmas Xmas Tree Paper Folding Origami

Hello bloggers I hope that your weekend went well.  Today I have something different from a card I have been making these 3D Christmas trees and thought I would share them with you.

To begin I used a 6x6 patterned paper.  This is a great way to use up any papers that you don't really like as a lot of the pattern is disguised in the folding.

The first step is to fold the paper in half

Then fold it in half again so you end up with a square

Next undo the folds and fold in half diagonally with the pattern on the inside

Repeat this process on the other diagonal

Open up the folds and turn the paper over so that the pattern is facing you.  The folds should now look like this.  The folds made will make it fold into a diamond as the picture below if you push in on the valley folds.

Image when folded.

Next using the scored line down the centre as a folding guide fold in the left hand side into the centre fold line.  Top tip if you hold up the other side this will make it easier to get an accurate fold.

After repeating on the other side it will look like the picture above.  Now turn it over and repeat on the back

Next open up each of the folds one at a time and flatten out.

This is how it will look once flattened out and fold it over in half.  Repeat so all four folds have been flattened and folded

It will now look like this kite shape

fold back on one of the bottom flaps so that you can see the rest and cut them off.  Then fold back the last one and cut that off too.

 It will now look like this

Now take your scissors and cut up to the centre but not cutting right through all layers.  Make sure that your cuts are straight and not angle or else it will not work properly.  Repeat opposite the first row of cuts of the other side

 Next begin to fold each of the cuts down to the last cut

 This is how it will look once one side of the tree has all been folded

 This is the other side when the flaps have been folded on one side only

 Repeat so that all the sided of the tree have all the flaps folded down
  Once complete fan out the tree branches to get a 3D effect
 Here is the complete tree

 Close up of the tree

A forest of Christmas Trees

Happy Crafting xx Hazel

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