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Monday 22 December 2014

Happy Christmas Bagpuss

Hello bloggers I have gone all digital today with a card designed in Craft Artist Professional featuring Bagpuss.

This card is 16cm x11cm and was made using an A4 white card stock.  I used Craft Artist Professional and Bagpuss Christmas Digikit to create my design.  

First I  added my background which is a red polka dot paper to cover the whole card.  I then added a parcel patterned material to the card, this was made slightly smaller than the card to leave a polka dot border.  Next I chose my embellishments, first I chose Bagpuss and shrunk it down to size and added it to the card.  I then made it into a sticker using the sticker tool.  The Christmas tree and mice were added next and this too was made into a sticker.  The Christmas tree was copied and pasted then shrunk to a very small size and rotated and added to the back of the card as an embellishment.

Finally I used the text box to choose my font style and size and to type in my message.  The complete card was printed onto the white card stock.  I then used my Brother Scan N Cut to cut out the card before scoring and folding it.
Happy Crafting xx Hazel

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