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Saturday 20 December 2014

Brother Scan N Cut Review ~ Gingerbread Man & Christmas Tree Nail Art

Hello bloggers today I thought I would review the Brother Scan N Cut that I purchased a few months ago and also share a couple of things I have been doing.

 Gingerbread Nail Art

Christmas Tree Nail Art

The Brother Scan N Cut is an electronic cutting machine that does not need a computer attached to it to use it.   In fact you can not physically attach one to it you have to use a USB stick to transfer any data including machine updates.  It is a fabulous machine even though it is a little on the expensive side I do feel that once you get used to it and have had time to play and experiment that you will find it is well worth its weight in gold and you will soon get your money back.  The few teething problems I have been having is cancelling everything with my left hand as I lean to the machine to use the stylus as I am left handed a right handed person would not have this problem I suspect.  It is important to make sure you remember to keep on changing your settings when cutting different materials.  Something I keep forgetting to do.  Also bear in mind that different brands of a similar product will perform differently.  Yesterday I was cutting mirror board and then changed to a different colour and on the same settings it cut through my mat slightly where as the previous cut was fine.

I do find it a bit noisy when cutting very intricate things like 8mm snowflakes.  The cut is great and the style of the machine is lovely and modern.  It is far easier to use than other electronic machines I have had in the past.  It is really straight forward with 600 pre-installed images including fonts to cut out in sizes from 1mm to 12inch and every size in between depending on the intricacy of the image.

You can also use a computer to access Brother Scan N cut Canvas which allows you to down load svg cutting files and convert them to fcm which is the files that the machine uses.  You can create in canvas and then everything is transported to the machine by a USB stick.  There is a list of compatible ones that Brother have checked that comes in the box.

The pictures above are what I have been using vinyl to cut out nail art and it has gone down really well and has been very popular.  There are lots of support groups on the internet to support anyone with problems as well as You Tube videos on how to use different aspects of the machine and canvas.  There are lots of people who supply free svg cutting files for you to use on your machine.  Others are available at very reasonable prices too.

Overall I love love love this machine best craft purchase I have ever made.  I can't wait to have more time to really get into it and develop my skills and maybe start designing my own images.

Happy Crafting xx hazel

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