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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

origami flower tutorial

Hello bloggers something a little different for you today. Not a card in sight but a bit of origami to wet your appetite.

Origami Flower Instructions

Resources: paper 4” square (photo copy paper will be fine as you don’t want it too thick so it will fold easily).

Important note: rub over each fold line with your fingers to reinforce it as you go through each fold.

With your square piece of paper in front of you, you are ready to begin

First fold your paper in half diagonally, remembering to rub over the fold line with your fingers. Take the left corner and fold it up to the top point of the triangle repeat with the right hand side, remembering to crease the folds with your fingers. It now resembles a diamond shape.

Next take the triangle from left hand side and fold it back on it’s self so that it touches the bottom edge of the diamond.  Now repeat on the other side.  Open up the triangle at the edge by placing your finger between the two pieces of paper.  This will then open the area out and it can then be flattened by falling into the folds that already exist.  Repeat on the other side.

Now fold down the flaps on each side.  Take the left hand triangle and fold it in half into itself, then repeat on the other side.  Now curve the bottom edges round to the center and add a spot of glue to hold into place.  Place a paperclip to hold whilst glue sets.

  Now you have the basics to make a single petal you can continue to make more and then attach together to form a flower bud.

This is one flower bud with five petals.

These can be made up and made into room decoration or window displays

    Happy Crafting xx Hazel

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