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Friday, 12 April 2013

Fairy Double Tag Pocket Twistapage Card

Hello, today's card is a double tag pocket card with a fairy theme, but you could change the theme just by changing the tag.  Useful for gift cards, money too.

 Here the tags are shown out of the card.

Double sided card stock works really well with this type of card.  I started with an A4 sheet of lightweight card stock and embossed it with creative expressions embossing folder 'floral'.  Then I cut the card stock down to 29cm.  Scored the long side in half at 14.5cm.  Turned the card stock to the short side and score it in half at 10.5cm.  This will make 4 panels.  Laying the cardstock in front of you in the landscape position with the pattern you want to see most on your card once its finished face down.  Cut along the centre score line on the long side to the centre only.

Now with the card stock portrait take the left hand corner and fold it down approx 4cm, this does not need to be exact.  Take the bottom right hand corner and fold it up to but not on the scoreline.  You should now have two triangles one top left and one bottom right.  Adhere the flaps to keep them in place.  Next I added adhesive tape to the top left corner after the triangle and  below the triangle on the edges.  Then on the bottom right corner adhesive tape was put above the triangle on the edge and in front of the triangle on the score line.

Time to fold, starting with the left hand panel remove tape covering and fold panel over to the right hand side and adhere together.  Remove the tape covering from the bottom right panel.  Lift the bottom panels up and over so that the bottom right hand panel is stuck to the top panel.  Fold the remaining panel around the back.    Because of the nature of this cards construction there is a little over hang which can be cut off from the bottom edge.  Any over hang on the side can be left as the cards leading edge.  

Next the tags were printed from My Craft Studio 'A Walk in Wonderland' cd and so was the twistapage these were then cut out.  The tags were backed with glitter card to make them more substantial.  A punch was used to make holes in the tags and ribbon was threaded through and knotted.  The twistapage was mounted up using foam pads and adhered to the card front and the tags were inserted into the cards slots.

Hope you like this card and it all makes sense.  It makes for something a little more interesting than a plain gift card or money gift.  Although it is a card you can't open you could quite easily adhered some card stock on the back if you want an opening card or you could just write on the back.

Happy crafting xx Hazel

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