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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Blanket Of Love ~ Knitted Square ~ Heart

Hello bloggers, today I have something a little different with no paper or card in sight.  I have a bit of knitting to share.

This pattern was given to me by another blogger to make squares for a chairty blanket to raise funds for the hospital that treated her son for cancer.  I helped along with many others knitting squares so that they could be attached together to form blankets.

It uses a simple pattern with only knit and pearl stitches.  To begin I used knitting needles UK size 5 and some yellow yarn to cast on 37 stitches.  I then complete K1,P1 along the rows from 1-6.

At row 7 the design changes.

At row 17 the centre heart begins to form and is completed by row 37

Rows 39 - 47 are alternative knit and pearl rows.

Finally row 48 to 52 are K1, P1 rows.

I love this square they don't take long to do and can be done by a beginner as it only uses two simple stitiches.  If anyone would like the full pattern please message.
Happy Crafting xx Hazel

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