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Friday, 16 January 2015

Roald Dahl ~ James And The Giant Peach ~ Pillow Box ~ Nail Art

Hello bloggers I hope you had a good week.  Today I have something different from a card with this Roald Dahl pillow box and nail art.

Pillow box front

 Pillow Box Back

 Nail Art Dressmakers Dummy

Nail Art Capricorn Star Sign~ Chinese New Year 2015 Year Of The Goat

This pillow box began as an A4 sheet of white card stock.  First I created the design of the pillow box using a blank template in Craft Artist 2 and Serifs Roald Dahl Digikit collection 2, James And The Giant Peach.  Next I printed out the completed template and cut it out by hand and folded along the score lines.  Once folded I glued the side flaps.  I then put some nail art into the pillow box as a little gift.  The nail art was created using the Brother Scan N Cut pre-installed images I chose the dressmakers dummy and a goat for the Chinese new year 2015 which is the goat,  It could also be for Capricorn star sign.  The images were then re-sized and cut out by the machine from vinyl. I then removed the excess vinyl to reveal the nail on on its backing paper.
Happy Crafting xx Hazel

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