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Saturday 23 March 2013

Denim Felted House Door Stop

Felted House Door Stop

Hello today’s blog is about a door stop I made recently from a pair of jeans and a few scraps of fabric.  First I cut out all pieces for the door stop.  Then I began building up the house picture that you can see on the front. Next I got a piece of red fabric and cut it to the shape of the house and chimney.  Then I cut out four windows from white faux fur.    From some green fabric I cut out a roof and a door.  The windows and door were then felted onto the house.  Once all of the individual pieces where felted to the house I felted the actual house to one of the side panels being careful to get it central and to allow for seam allowances once it was sewn together.   The roof and chimney were then felted so that it looked like part of the house.  After this was all felted I added on some fabric to look like smoke coming out of the chimney, again this was felted to secure it to the side panel.  With all the felting done it was now time to start assembling the door stop.  First I had to fold and sew the handle together.  Once it was complete it was then a tricky task to sew it onto the top.  Getting it central was a bit tricky but I got there in the end.  The next job was to sew all four side panels into a tube like shape.  Once this was done and with the tube right sides of fabric on the inside I began sewing on the top.  The bottom then had to be added but leaving an opening to turn the fabric the correct way and also to fill with rice or dried peas for weight.  Once turned the right way I filled the top of the door stop up with some scraps of felt I had and then added some dried peas for the weight.  The opening was then hand sewn to close up the seam to stop the peas from escaping.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  Happy Crafting  xx Hazel

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